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Leading Hand Design. Designers by trade.

About time to get your online in line? We can lend a hand.

Starting up or stepping up, Leading Hand Design's experience in strategy, project planning, digital marketing, graphic design, website development, content creation and social media will get your business digitally enhanced.
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True, a picture can paint 1,000 words... so can 25 of them!

For us, copywriting is as easy as ABC. It’s in our blood, so why not work with us to craft exactly the right words for your website, advertising campaign, social media content, newsletters and more.
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Everything that’s fit TO print, should be fit FOR print.

At LHD, we have many years of experience in handling print. With our meticulous pre-production processes and great relationships with our printing partners you'll get a great price and quality guaranteed every time.
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Why not let LHD be your BFF (Brand’s Friend Forever)

We understand the value of protecting your brand integrity. Since 2003, we have been entrusted as custodians of many new visual identities for major brands and designed and nurtured quite a few for our own clients.
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Heads Will Scroll

‘Scrolling is a continuation, clicking is a decision’ – Josh Porter. Where do the eyes instinctively want to go when they first take in a new web page? You might be surprised to learn that it’s often....
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Necessity’s Child

Who knew invention had a stage mother? Well it does and its love child is our new “e•ven•tion” campaign for the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage...
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Sometimes Less IS More

Nothing in business is free and this is very true of social media. Building, nurturing and sustaining a commercially sizable ...
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Be Led By Clients, Not Tech Giants

So your new site has just gone live. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is when you can sit back and relax and watch as users effortlessly visit your new online presence...
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